Expect to be amazed!

Thousands of previously enjoyed (and some new) items will be on sale at incredible prices. During the sale you will find seasonal merchandise. The vendors are asked to only bring items that are not stained, ripped or have excessive wear and that toys and games be complete and in good working order.

* Admission - $2.00 and your hand stamp allows you to enter the sale any time

* Bring your own shopping bags or a laundry basket. Please don't use strollers as shopping carts.

* Have a look at the Hall map to plan your shopping experience

* This is a very popular sale - expect the hall to be busy and line-ups long


  • We now accept Debit and Credit along with cash. Sorry, no cheques.
  • no tag, no sale.
  • you will be responsible to bag your items after the cashier enters the sale
  • the volunteer cashiers will be able to provide you with a running total at any time
  • Cadets will be available to help you carry your purchases to the parking lot

Other Info

No food or drinks (except water) are permitted in the hall. This is strictly enforced! 

Private space for breast feeding is available off the main entrance hallway in a designated area.

Sorting tables are available around the outside of the sales floor, look for the "Sorting Table" signs. Any unwanted items can be left on the tables and volunteers will restock. No sorting of items on the hall floor will be allowed, please use the tables.

Every effort is made to ensure merchandise does not have rips, stains or excessive wear.

Remember this sale would not be possible without the work of many volunteers. Please take the time to thank them.